5 Easy Steps to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Restaurant

Oct 29, 2016 by

cleanliness-in-your-restaurantA restaurant is a place where customers eat and drink their favorite foods and beverages. With that in mind, it is important that the area is kept clean at times. It is supposed to look like a place for eating and not for a place full of trash and unsanitary things. If you can’t maintain cleanliness inside your restaurant, then your customers will start feeling disgusted with the place and may even force health authorities to shut down your business due to unsanitary practices.

Cleaning your restaurant is not such a hard job to do. In fact, it should be practiced as a daily routine so that your employees can get used to it. Also, keep in mind that your restaurant’s reputation will be on the line if you don’t see this practice through. To help you out, here are some of the best and easiest ways to promote cleanliness inside your restaurant:

  1. Sanitize the surfaces thoroughly – By surface, we mean every single one of them such as tables, chairs, countertops, bars, and much more. Having these areas in your restaurant spotless is such a great way of providing an impression that your place is well-kept and clean. It will also ensure sanitation and won’t contaminate any of the food that you’re serving there.
  2. Don’t forget the condiments – Restaurants usually have condiment bottles prepared on tables such as ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, pepper, salt, or syrup. Customers share these bottles, and it often gets stained by either the condiment itself or the customer’s hands. If the next batch of customers who will be sitting at that table will see the dirtiness in the condiment bottles, then they may be grossed out by it. So always clean up the stains in the condiment bottles every after a customer is done eating in the table.
  3. Keep your floors spotless – Keep in mind that a clean floor is a sign of a clean place. In restaurants, there’s a chance that foods or drinks may get spilled on the floor thus requiring you to clean it up. Even if there are no visible stains on the floor, always clean it up before you close the place. Don’t only focus on cleaning the floors in the dining area but also on the kitchen as well. Your employees might slip if the floor hasn’t been cleaned properly.
  4. Maintain the code in your kitchen – The kitchen’s cleanliness is as important since it is a place where the food is prepared before it will be handed out to customers. Having a clean kitchen will ensure food safety. If you don’t clean up the place, then there’s no doubt that the food will easily get contaminated by the unsanitary things that creep up in your kitchen.
  5. Always clean your restroom – A restroom is a place where customers go to first to clean themselves up before they divulge in their food. If the restroom is spotless, then they won’t lose their appetite before they start eating. Also, place some aromatic essence in your bathroom to make it smell good and won’t let any bad stench out into the dining area.

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